What is a Tiny House?

Tiny Houses must remain under 400sqft in the USA to fall outside building codes (and often require being built on wheels). This house is built on a 40' gooseneck trailer. The loft does not count as square-footage because the roof is lower than 6ft from the loft floor giving us an additional 2/3rds of the floor space.

A 390 sqft Tiny House with a loft

Built for a small family, using non-toxic materials, and super insulated from Texas heat. We are producing free videos so you too can learn how to build a nice, mobile house.

Questions? get answers

You can find more great resources for Tiny Homes at reddit.com/r/TinyHouses/ or watching our other videos.

You can reach out to us using the following Email Address.

Built by My Fortress Construction of North East Texas.